Cloud Pegboard integration with Cloudcraft

Keep up with AWS’s frequent changes and save time developing solutions.

Personalization gives you the information that you need and no more. Our integration with Cloudcraft delivers AWS news and changes focused on the specific services you use in a given blueprint. It also gives you efficient access to all reference information used by AWS resources in a blueprint.

Learn more about Cloud Pegboard. See below for integration details.


What is Cloudcraft?

Cloudcraft is a popular tool used by over 200,000 cloud professionals to design professional architecture diagrams in minutes. You can even automatically generate diagrams from your cloud environment and display live status for imported components.

What can I do with this integration?

With Cloud Pegboard's integration to Cloudcraft, you can automatically create Cloud Pegboard lists of AWS services based on your library of Cloudcraft blueprints. This makes it easy to create lists that are in sync with the services that are relevant to you based on what AWS services you actually use.

Creating lists in Cloud Pegboard makes it possible to get 1-click access to service datasheets or the AWS console when using the Datasheet view. They can also be used to easily get a filtered view of the Cloud Pegboard Services Table that displays only those services in the selected list. This helps you quickly find the the information that you need to develop your solutions. Additionally, you can flag a list to be "watched" so that any changes or news about services in a watch list are sent to you in daily or weekly notification emails.

Datasheet presets are based on services found in selected diagram.

Click Cloudcraft tab to quickly see diagram.
Click diagram to open in Cloudcraft.

How does it work?

By clicking a button (see below for instructions for Cloudcraft Pro or Cloudcraft Free), you extract a list of services used by your Cloudcraft blueprints and create corresponding Cloud Pegboard lists. Once created, these lists will appear in dropdown picklists in the Datasheet and Services Table views. The list of services also appears in the Profile page so that you can choose to add lists to your daily or weekly updates emails (this can also be done in the Datasheet view).

If you change the services used by a blueprint, just reimport to keep your Cloud Pegboard lists in sync. Note that there is a default soft limit of 10 blueprints. If you need to import more, please just let us know.

Getting started

Cloudcraft Pro

All you need to do is create an API key from your Cloudcraft Pro account and then enter it into your Cloud Pegboard profile (set key here). After that, you can just click the Import Cloudcraft lists link on the profile page and your lists will automatically be generated/refreshed.

Cloudcraft Free

The API integration discussed above is only available for Cloudcraft Pro users. If you use the free Cloudcraft version, you can still import Cloudcraft lists by exporting and importing. Note that diagram rendering is not availble using this approach since the API is required to create the diagrams.

To export lists from Cloudcraft:

  • Select desired blueprint
  • Click BUDGET tab on top left of screen
  • Click EXPORT button on top right of budget column
  • Select “Comma-separated values”

To create Cloud Pegboard lists corresponding to your exported budget information

  • Click the CHOOSE CLOUDCRAFT FILES button below
  • Select one or more exported budget CSV files
Choose Cloudcraft files

Help and feedback

If you require any assistance with the integration or have any feedback, please contact us so that we can help.

Example after selecting a Cloudcraft Pro-based list in the Services Table view

Table is filtered to only show the 8 unique services used in the diagram. The diagram automatically renders below the table for reference.